Hugh P and Maria Doherty are a Father and Daughter band based in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Their first C.D “A Living Prayer”, their beautiful  Gospel C.D, received widespread play, on radio and television here and abroad, with many wonderful reports of God touching people’s lives through their music. They feel so blessed with how it’s been received. This C.D is all for Charity – with all money going to the DePaul Boy’s Home which is an Orphanage for little boys in Uganda and also to a local Hospice.

Their second C.D “A Couple More Years” is a selection of their favourite, most-requested and most-loved songs. This C.D has many wonderful songs like the internet hit “I Heard the Bluebirds Sing” which was praised by original singer Maxine Brown (of the Browns), among others. This C.D has also been played internationally on Radio and T.V and continues to be a success.

Hugh and Maria are much sought after musicians, popular for weddings, concerts, dances and more!

59 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Curtis says:

    Found you on youtube. You two are just absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your music. God Bless.

  2. Ralph Tarrant says:

    I have your first two CDs, Love the music. I’m looking forward to your next CD.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Name says:

    Hugh and Maria,
    I by accident come across your music on you tube. First with “I Heard The Bluebirds Sing”. Loved it. I wanted to hear more of what you have. I have not been disappointed. Your hymns are sung so beautifully. You have a new fan. Love you!


  4. Rob Cookson says:

    Hello from Canada,
    What a nice to hear a father and daughter sing together. When you come Canada make it Calgary I watching for you guys. God Bless you both. My mothers family come from Tipperary.

  5. Eddie Peck says:

    Would like to Purchase all your Cd”s. such easy listening. If ever in Nova Scotia please let me know.

    God Bless.
    Eddie Peck

  6. Brent Carbines says:

    Dear Hugh & Maria , I just listened to your music on You Tube for the first time. You are both very accomplished singers and compliment each other beautifully. Never lose what you have together. It is wonderful to see a father and daughter combination and the love you both show shines out for all to see. The Lord has truly blessed you . I would like too get your CD’s. Where can I buy them.
    Lots of love to you both.
    Brent Carbines
    New Zealand

  7. Fred Propst says:

    I heard you for the first time on You Tube, and I love the way the two of you sing together.
    very nicely done.
    Keep up the great work.

  8. Per Inge Bohrn says:

    Hugh and Maria

    Im from Sweden and to find you on Youtube and I’ve got to tell you that your music truly appeals to me and Maria has an amazingly beautiful voice. I would look forward to seeing and listening to you live.

    Per Inge

  9. t dowds says:

    found you on you tube presbyterian minister from northern ireland living ministering in usa for years your song a living prayer amazing what a wonderful voice. may the lord jesus be your guide the only way of salvation. may the Lord richly bless you

  10. Jordan woods says:

    Any chance of you and your father coming to Carrickfergus country antrim to do a concert at the lough shore hotel.

  11. Roger says:

    What a blessing you are have you any plans in coming to the uk (England) in this year 2017.?

    And thank you for your music

    God Bless as you continue to serve the Lord

    Look forward to your Sunday afternoon Gospel show the best show on keep it country

  12. reg andrews says:

    hello folks from nova scotia canada
    love your musicto say it is great is a great understatement
    i am woundering if you will ever come to nova scotia then tour our great country
    as all canadians will enjoy your great musicpls look us up and think about a tour
    with great thanks for your music
    i am a new fan for life ty both tc
    pls reply

  13. Anne Hegarty says:

    Thank so much to the both of you for your music and singing at my Dad’s Anniversary mass. You made the mass so much more special. You are both so talented.

  14. Bill Sexton says:

    Heard you today for the first time on U-Tube singing I heard the bluebirds sigh, I loved your singing, Very good harmony.

  15. Andrew L says:

    Hi! I came across one of your videos somehow online and fell in love with it. Please write more information about you two (background, history, current living situation, etc.) so we are all more able to relate to your beautiful songs!


  16. Harry Lehrle says:

    Hello Hugh und Maria,many warm thanks, for your beautiful music.
    God will water the seed whether spoken, typed or in music
    Greetings from Germany sends you Harry

  17. George Martini says:

    Hugh and Maria,
    I came across your videos on Youtube during my worship time with the Lord. Maria, you have a beautiful voice. I could listen to you all day. God has truly blessed you with a special gift. I pray that you continue to sing for the Lord.

    Have a Blessed Day

  18. J Russell says:

    I found this site by accident on you tube. I enjoy music, especially Celtic ,I just love pleasent music for relaxation . Wheather it be Celtic, Austrian, Or the old mountain music brought to this country. I also have Cherokee also and enjoy native music and especially Gospel music.I love to hear the accent of the culture from where the music comes.

  19. Leonard Black says:

    I saw you and your father sing” I heard the blue birds sing you” both are fantastic I have been trying to purchase the CD but haven’t had any luck can you tell me how to purchase it and where. Your songs are so great love them and also love you . great artist and great voices

  20. paddy w says:

    You have the voice of an angel you and your dad are so blessed to have such soft loving voices.

    1. Maria Doherty says:

      Aw Paddy thank you for such a kind comment! We are really grateful! We are glad you are enjoying our music and God bless you:) Hugh and Maria

  21. Rod B. says:

    what a blessing… Father, Daughter and using talents for charity… Keep up the good works.

    1. Maria Doherty says:

      Hello Rod! Aw thank you SO much! What a kind comment:) We are very grateful and glad you are enjoying our music!:) Thank you and God bless! Hugh and Maria

  22. Irene says:

    I came across your singing on you-tube while listening to A Living Prayer by another artist and decided to listen to your version also. I have since become a fan of yours and I absolutely enjoy listening to your music. Thank you for sharing your music and God bless you very much as your continue to do so.
    If I am ever in Ireland, I hope I can have a chance to see you perform.

    1. Maria Doherty says:

      Hello Irene!
      Thank you SO much for your kind comment! We are delighted you found us on Youtube and we hope you continue to enjoy our music and may God bless you!! From Ireland – Hugh and Maria:)

  23. Hank says:

    Hugh & Maria: I serendipitously came across “I Heard The Bluebirds Sing” on You Tube and was immediately smitten by your musical harmonies. Had to watch/listen to all your other music/videos. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents. Wishing you continued success , and may God bless and keep you both.

  24. Jim says:

    I also came across your music on U-Tube and enjoy listening to both of you singing – what a great duo. You have a very pleasant and soothing voice Maria and I love your Irish accent!!! Just keep on doing for those charities, I am sure they put it to good use,

  25. Andrew L says:

    Hello Hugh and Maria

    I was so very happy to find a very talented father/daughter duo who sings and performs so very well. I listen many times to your music on You Tube. Please include a little information about you two such as hobbies, activities, family, how you started, etc. Nothing personal just so we can connect more fully with your music. May God Bless you this holiday season

  26. Harley Campbell says:

    I have been involved in gospel music for most of my life. Living in the USA there are very many forms of gospel music to listen to however none has blessed me so much as finding the unique voices that you two possess. Thank you so much for giving to the whole world your beautiful music which I listen to here in Tennessee, USA.

  27. Donald Simon says:

    Hello Maria and Hugh
    You all harmonize so great — Hugh, I like the way you play guitar — I play a little myself.
    Maria, you have such a beautiful voice — I really like A LIVING PRAYER.
    Please tell me more about yourselves.

  28. Don says:

    Hello Hugh and maria

    Ya’ll sing in great harmony — Hugh, I play the guitar myself, although not as well as you.

    Maria, you have a beautiful voice and I had never heard (A LIVING PRAYER) before.

    You sing it so well — I am so pleased to hear such beautiful music.

    Ya’ll should come to America — Thanks again !!!

  29. Joe S. from U.S.A. says:

    U have a lovely voice, found u on YouTube n had 2 order u’r Cd’s. I hope u continue singing n doing good 4 others with u’r talent.
    May God bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

  30. Peter says:

    Hello Hugh and Maria
    I’m Peter from Rwanda, I heard you songs from youtube and touched me. Your voices combination makes wonderful music. Keep on. May God be with you in all.

  31. Donald Simon says:

    Hello Hugh and Maria
    It is truly amazing the way ya’ll sung so well.
    My favorite , which I play constantly is A LIVING PRAYER

  32. Kenneth Parker says:

    Hello once again you have played a couple of requests in the past may I say thank for doing so. Last October my wonderful good lady passed away after a short illness but I still talk to her in and around the house as I know she is here keeping watch over me. My good ladies name is Maralane her favourite singer was Cliff Richards. at the service I asked for Amazing Grace by Cliff Richards I know you have played it a few times from other artists but I think this one best reditions I have head and I know Maralane would singing along with cliff on that day. Just one last thing the chapel of rest was full that day they were people out side listen to the sevice.Since then I have been told by a lot people that it was a woderful sevice Thank you once again

  33. Gordon says:


    Can you please tell me if Maria’s Gospel Hour on Keep it Country TV is repeated during the week?
    I only manage to catch the start as I have to leave for my own church service which starts at 5 o’clock.

    Every blessing to you!

  34. Glenn Rittinger says:

    How do I love thy music (thanks and perhaps apologies for my modification to Elizabeth Barrett Browning). Let me count the ways. Well I won’t count the ways but suffice to say…beautiful, stirring, moving, emotional, uplifting…. Thank you. I noticed several comments from Canada. Perhaps you would be interested in a Canadian tour ? If so,you may wish to contact Warren Robinson, co-founder of The Goderich (Ontario) Celtic Roots Festival held in August these past 25 (?) years. (Google for details). Now to track down your CDs. Thanks again. Caledonia playing as I key this.

  35. Glenn Rittinger says:

    PS I meant to also comment on your harmonies which are outstanding and, the sort of harmonies that I’m told, can be achieved best by family members: Browns, Louvins, Everly Bros and the like. (BTW, I thought of Ira Louvin when I saw your dad.)

  36. James Crossan says:

    Hello Hugh & Maria. If you ever go on international tour , would love to see your show in Lancaster PA at the American Music Theater. Best Wishes , James

  37. Mark Crossley says:

    Hello Maria,

    I first came across you on the country music channel, since then we have corresponded by email to which you have very kindly agreed to play on a future show a favourite song of mine, I love the song A Living Prayer, I listen to this daily at the moment.

    The Tv show is just amazing, I listen to this between church services, you just have an infectious and contagious personality, I love the song choices you make, the way you explain this to people and you clear love for Christ.

    This show on TV should go on for years and years, this is one of the best on there as it stands and producers should continue to commission this.

    I hope you produce more DVD, CD’s and you will go on from strength to strength.

    All the very best for the future.

    Mark x

  38. Franz S. says:

    Hello from Germany
    Thank you very much for immediate delivery of the ordered CDs. I came across your music by looking for Irish songs on the internet. It was last wintertime when I was watching “I Heard The Bluebirds Sing” on YouTube and I was so impressed by your singing that I wanted to hear more of your wonderful music. In May, me and my wife were travelling around the northern counties of Ireland but, unfortunately we had no chance to see you performing.
    God bless you and thank you for the music

  39. Ron K says:

    Greetings Hugh and Maria. Received the CD that included “I heard the Blue Birds sing” . I surely enjoy being able to listen to it , as I do quite often. We were on a tour of Ireland in 2016 and your songs remind me of that very nice visit to the Emerald Isle. My best wishes to you both, your voices blend so nicely. On days that I am not feeling so well, it picks up my spirits to listen to your harmony and I also look at your videos on my computer.

  40. Ron Stuart says:

    Hugh and Maria

    Your music is a real blessing! So much talent! May God continue to bless you

    in this important work! Any chance of doing shows in the U.S.?

  41. David Markham says:

    I love the father and daughter idea but I love your beautiful voices with happiness when your both in the country where you live that brings out the country in you voices,
    I Heard a Blue Bird Sing,a old Marty Robbins number.
    I’d like your music on out two of my DJs Country Radio Stations hear in Great Britain and England.
    Thank you once again.

  42. Danny says:

    i love the father and daughter interaction on your videos, as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day.
    very inspiring. may Jesus continue to bless you both. from Arizona USA.

  43. a.beumer1@live.nl says:

    Hello Hugh and Maria
    Some time ago I was searching for the lyrics of “I herd the bluebirds sing”. I came across a father daughter version, and quite honestly the first time I looked up the song and saw your version, Without listening to it, I discarded the song and searched further, I kept coming across your version so I decided to listen. I’m glad I did, Watching and listening to Father and daughter sing like that, made me feel very good, and to my amazement, father and daughter had produced more songs on youtube.
    I now have a play list of Hugh and Maria with as far as I can tell all there youtube numbers. I don’t watch everyday, but quite frequently. I don’t want to sound foolish, but your music makes my life just that little bit more pleasant. I wish you both a very long successful future.
    Take care of one another,

    your fan Tony

  44. Freddie says:

    Hello Hugh and Maria
    Have listened to you both many times on you tube you both are fantastic Maria you have the voice of an angel love all your songs on you tube but want to get the cd,s also love the catchy tune p is for paddy brillant keep bringing out good songs
    God bless you both

  45. Tarance swan says:

    Wow, such a lovely voice. And I’m grateful that I found you here. I would love to buy both of your CDS. I’m in the US. How many songs do you have on them also do you have DVDs for sale as well? I fell in love with y’all instantly. I hope you put out more videos. Well may God bless you both. And thank you for sharing your music with me.

  46. Hajo says:

    Hallo Hugh und Maria
    Möchte gerne Musik CD s von euch Kaufen. Bei Amazon.com finde ich keine cd s von euch.
    Eure Musik ist einfach S u p e r !!!


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